How Not To Let Smart Phones Rule Your LIfe

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PDF How Not To Let Smart Phones Rule Your LIfe

Poor memory. When we are acutely aware that our devices will store information for us, we are less likely to commit it into our short and long term memory. Next time, try remembering a phone number or an address without pulling it up from your phone at first, or perhaps refrain from taking a photo of what you are looking at.

Chances are, you will remember it better in the AM. Excessive sitting. We are a society that loves spending an inordinate amount of time sitting. You are most likely reading this article sitting down. Studies have shown that excessive sitting can lead to a whole host of problems ranging from poor blood circulation to cardiovascular issues, diabetes, and some cancers, as a result of your arteries stiffening up on you. Make sure to schedule walk breaks every 45 minutes throughout your work day if you often find yourself sitting too much at your desk. Have an email to send? Consider walking over to your coworker.

Depression and anxiety as a result of too much screen time. Too much screen time every day can contribute to weight gain, especially around the middle. This of course can lead to depression and anxiety, as you become less aware of how much you are eating. Instead, step away from your devices, and consider enjoying a mindful well-balanced lunch, sans phone.

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How to stop your smartphone ruling your life

Here's What Does. Caregivers Die First. We crave stimulation If you look around a train carriage, waiting room, airport or any other place where people are sitting without a specific purpose, you are likely to find most of them looking at their smartphones. Here are a few possible points we could follow: Be aware of your habits - first, be aware when you are automatically reaching for your smartphone, whenever it may be.

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Is it boredom? Force of habit? Or a genuine need - e. Ask yourself - do you really need to use it? Do you really need to use it or can it wait - are you just turning to it out of habit? Could you engage with the real world, read a book, do something creative, have some down time or talk to people in front of you instead?

If you do need to use it of course then do so! Embrace the joy of boredom and silence - enjoy the feeling of not having anything to do for a few seconds. Have a rule to prioritise real conversations above digital ones - engage properly with the people in front of you and give them your full attention. Try seeking more time on these activities too - from walking in nature through to creative, immersive tasks like drawing.

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Keep smartphones out of the bedroom! Many people have the same rule in keeping televisions out of the bedroom. If you have children, set them a good example - try to be disciplined in your use of the smartphone. Perhaps follow the rules set out here and encourage them to follow them too.

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Have rules for different functions - part of the appeal of smartphones is that they are multi-functional, so beyond the basic rules above, perhaps it makes sense to have different rules for different functions of the phone: Telephone - we are generally used to dealing with this function, so perhaps it needs no further recommendations.

To manage this, either try to avoid using messaging accounts entirely, or disable the sound or vibration notifications of new messages on your phone so that they distract you less.

And what you can do about it.

Entertainment - view the smartphone like any other screen - allow yourself a limited time to watch it if you want to each day. Over to you! How to stop your smartphone from ruling your life - from Life Squared. Join Life Squared today! Sign up to our newsletter Receive exclusive ideas and content each month.

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But why do batteries hate the heat so much? The reason has to do with the liquid electrolytes that fill the gaps between the lithium cobalt oxide and graphite layers remember them? At high temperatures, these liquid electrolytes start to break down, causing the battery to degrade over the course of just a few hundred charge cycles. This is a major issue for electric vehicle batteries, which often spend much of their day sitting out in bright sunlight.

Strangely enough, batteries are under the most strain when they're fully charged or completely empty. The real sweet spot for a battery is 50 per cent charge as that means that half of its moveable lithium ions are in the lithium cobalt oxide layer and the other half are in the graphite layer. This equilibrium puts the least amount of strain on the battery, and extends the number of charge cycles it can withstand before degrading. So really, if you were super-keen on keeping your battery living as long as possible, you should keep its charge between 20 and 80 per cent.

This means that it spends as little time as possible with lots of lithium ions crammed into either layer, a situation which causes the layers to expand, putting physical strain on them.

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Maybe not, then. This one is closely linked to the above myth.

#2: Neglecting Real Life

The fightback against the bitcoin energy guzzlers has begun. The explosive race to totally reinvent the smartphone battery. By Laurie Clarke. By Matt Burgess. By Matt Reynolds.